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Jemstone is the biggest media training and development network in the Middle East. It began life as one of the European Union's Med Media projects (see below) but from mid 1999 onwards it took on a separate existence as both a foundation and a consultancy working on media and development issues.

Jemstone links sixty of the main media organizations in the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa; hundreds of their best journalists and managers have taken part in Jemstone activities since 1993.

The latest Newsletters keep you up to date with current Jemstone projects and the network is being extended beyond the original Euro-Med base region to any part of the world where our experience is relevant.

Jemstone's programme as a Med Media Project:

Jemstone designed and delivered senior-level workshops and seminars for all branches of the media throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, including:

1. short, very practical “masterclasses” for experienced media professionals, eg studio directors, news photographers, picture editors, feature writers, presenters;

2. seminars for top media managers on essential skills and concerns, eg financial management systems, organisational structures, audience research, regional co-operation;

3. specialist reporting workshops for expert editors and correspondents in economy, business and finance, politics and Parliamentary coverage, energy, the media, Europe etc;

4. Round Table seminars for senior journalists from both sides of the Mediterranean on key issues, including: “Images of Islam in the West”, “The Role of the Journalist in Conflicts”, “Islam and Economic Development”;

5. short on-site courses for individual media organisations, to develop specific skills, eg field-reporting, news writing, presenting, interviewing, camera operations, producing short reports, features and forward planning, etc.

Jemstone started as one of the original, pilot-year Med Media projects in 1993, when it was known as “Network Five -- RNTC/BBS-WST/JRTV Joint Media Training Project”.
It was renamed Jemstone at the beginning of 1996 and that summer the network’s headquarters moved from Holland to Jordan. From the new base in Amman, Jemstone ran seven major events in its first three months, including publishing the only English-language newspaper at the Cairo Economic Conference.

Among the recent Jemstone projects:

producing a ‘style-book’ for the Arabic language press;

constructing this interactive web-site for journalists throughout the Middle East, North Africa, the Gulf and Europe,

establishing in-house training departments in several key media organisations.

The Jemstone Network is now the most extensive in the region, linking hundreds of senior journalists from almost every important media organisation in the eight countries of the Eastern Mediterranean. It supports and encourages honest, accurate journalism.

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