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N E W S L E T T E R autumn 2001

Forthcoming training -- we plan to run a dozen events next year, under the EU contract we were recently awarded; these are likely to include workshops on economic journalism, political cartooning, media management, audience research and a follow-up to our 1995 Round Table on 'Images of Islam in the West'.
Please contact us if you would like to take part and tell us what the priorities should be and why:

Sudan -- we have just completed a short training needs analysis for Sudan TV and Radio, putting forward a series of technical, production and journalistic recommendations. Jemstone has produced several such reports for media organisations in the MENA region -- and we can co-operate to make joint approaches to potential funders:

Al Jazeera -- Jemstone has been delighted to see the high-level output from so many of the Al Jazeera journalists we've been working with this year. We continue to hope that an English-language Al Jazeera will soon be launched, to ensure that the West has access to a wider variety of ideas, views and perspectives than is normally carried by the media in Europe and the States.

Expanded office -- Jemstone's main office in Jordan now has several more staff working on various media and development projects throughout the region.
Besides Lara Vahe Demirjian, the Head of Jordan Operations, there is Thaer Zuriekat our Head of Technical Support and Design, Tania Twal, the Jemstone Project Assistant and colleagues from radio who will also be journalists for Jemstone, in particular advising local ngos on communications.

Jordan DevNet -- this pioneering project to bring the power of the internet to the poor and disadvantaged is growing strongly -- assisting development organisations to increase their presence on the web and to access information as well as giving substance to the idea of a virtual development community.
There are 700 organisations on the database and Jemstone is producing a Jordan "DevNet Contacts Directory and 2002 Diary":

Investigative journalism -- we are working on an updated booklet to add the input from the workshops in Cairo and Sana'a to the experiences in Amman; and we are hoping to run follow-up workshops next year in Jordan and Yemen on advanced investigative techniques.

Other publications -- two more booklets are planned; one on television reporting based on the two workshops in June for Al Jazeera and the other on media relations and communication skills for ngos and development organisations after our extended workshop in Jordan.

Thanks -- we would like to take this opportunity to thank the funders of our various projects, including the European Union, the British Foreign Office and Department for International Development and the Dutch Development Ministry, as well as the Royal Jordanian Airlines offices in both London and Amsterdam for supporting our activities.

Consultancy and training -- we can provide consultants and experts for commercial and grant-funded projects across the whole range of media and development issues, including: conflict resolution, video production, media management, communications strategy, web-site development, training needs analysis and interview training.


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